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¿Sabes qué es el cambio climático?, ¿Cómo sabemos que es real?, ¿Bastará con plantar árboles para solucionarlo?,¿Podemos fabricar carne sin destruir el medio ambiente (ni matar animales)?

Estas son algunas de las preguntas que exploramos en los videos de ClimateScience.

Ilustración planetas con computadores
Cambio climático: ¿cómo funciona realmente?
You’ve seen it in the news, heard it on the radio, maybe you even heard about it on TikTok but are you sure you truly know what climate change is? Today’s episode will explain how a sudden increase in greenhouse gases has resulted in a warming planet that could prove deadly to millions.

ClimateScience is a registered charity in the UK led by over 150 young enthusiastic volunteers. Our mission is to make real, long-term climate solutions actionable.
Ilustración planetas con computadores
¿Cómo saben los científicos que el cambio climático es real?
How do we know climate change is real? You’ll have to look at ancient ice cores and supercomputer modelling to find out if humans really are the culprits of climate change.

ClimateScience is a registered charity in the UK led by over 150 young enthusiastic volunteers. Our mission is to empower people to contribute to climate solutions.
Ilustración planetas con computadores
Hidrógeno: ¿es posible el transporte aéreo sostenible?
Batteries have started to revolutionize the way we travel on the road. But will they ever do the same thing in the skies? Today’s episode will look at how using batteries to power aeroplanes may be a bad idea and how using hydrogen fuel instead may be our best bet.
Ilustración planetas con computadores
Impuesto al carbono: ¿pagar por las emisiones de CO₂?
Can we make companies pay for climate change? Let’s find out how governments can use economic policy to reduce their carbon emission. Some say this is detrimental to the economy but we have some data that may prove this wrong! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.
Ilustración planetas con computadores
Plantar árboles: ¿pueden los árboles deshacer el cambio climático?
Will planting trees be enough to solve climate change? The short answer is no. Planting trees is and will be crucial to help stabilize global temperatures, but it won’t be the only solution.
Ilustración planetas con computadores
Carne de laboratorio: el sabor de un futuro verde
Can we make meat without destroying the environment (or killing animals)? In this video, we’ll look at how scientists can grow clean meat in a lab and whether this could really become a cost-effective alternative to animal farming.
Ilustración planetas con computadores
Concreto: construyendo una sociedad sostenible
Concrete is the most consumed human-made material on the planet. It is also a major contributor to global warming. So, can we make the building blocks of our society sustainable? Find out how as we explore innovative and creative ways to decarbonize our concrete sector.
Ilustración planetas con computadores
Empoderando a las mujeres: ¿por qué las mujeres son fundamentales para resolver el cambio climático?
Although women are disproportionately affected by climate change, they aren't just vulnerable to its effects. Women are effective agents of change in both adaptation and mitigation.
Ilustración planetas con computadores
Desperdicio de alimentos: el costo oculto de los alimentos que desechamos
Worldwide, 30% of food is lost or wasted - that’s 1.6 BILLION tonnes of food every year! It is vital that people are aware of the impacts of food waste and what they can do to make a difference.